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It's Your Life... Live it in Health!

Imagine a body able to do the things it's meant to do...
and it's your body!

This is something Dr. Terry Poth can help you achieve.  He brings a holistic approach to removing interferences to healing that exist in your body, mind and spirit.  He uses his highly developed skills to look at the body as a whole.  He believes that establishing strong mutual trust and open communication with patients is essential to promote healing.

Dr. Poth's progressive approach includes gentle chiropractic techniques as well as these advanced healing protocols:


  • Cold Laser therapy                                           
  • QNR (Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation) *
  • Rehabilitation exercise programs
  • Optimal nutrition through Nutritional Response Testing
  • Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Medicine
  • Dr. Hector Garcia's "Innergetics"
  • Guided imagery
  • Color and sound therapies
  • Emotional stress release techniques

As a chiropractic intuitive, Dr. Poth facilitates healing by restoring communication between cells in our body.  His skill as an intuitive helps him select and apply therapies that your body chooses.  While he sometimes applies traditional adjusting techniques, he more often uses light force and non-force adjustments for the spine, extremities and cranium.  Dr. Poth is available for in-office and remote energetic healing sessions.

Dr. Poth practices pro-active healing.  He designs functional rehabilitation exercise programs for his patients.  His patients include those who want to improve their level of fitness and those recovering from chronic conditions and acute injuries.  These exercises restore coordination, flexibility, strength and peak performance.  His rehabilitation programs have helped Olympic and World-Class athletes, professional golfers, soccer players, martial arts instructors and people just doing daily activities.

Dr. Poth also helps patients establish optimal nutrition. Optimal nutrition is necessary for good stamina, reducing inflammation and recovery time from injury, as well as maintaining a healthy digestive tract.  But mostly, it's necessary for feeling good!  Dr. Poth can design a personalized nutrition program for you.

*QNR doctors have helped patients who have suffered from accidents, brain and spinal cord injuries, as well as patients with dyslexia, learning disabilities, autism and ADD.  QNR assesses neurological function and then uses cold laser therapy and functional movements to exercise and strengthen nerves that have become weakened from illness, injury or other conditions.


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